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About :

We Host VIP Bachelor Parties in Jaco Beach .. 
Jaco Beach, Costa Rica ..
#1 Bachelor Party Destination
in Central America.. 
I Sell the Groups : Rental Homes, All Inclusive Packaging, Tours..
I Have been Running this Business for 12 Years in Jaco Beach by myself and have never Really Turned on Paid Advertising .. 
Currently do about 50 Groups a Year .. 
Make a minimum of about $500 per group .. 
Currently Get all my leads from Airbnb...  For Free..

I have ran light Adwords in the past and it was good - clicks use to be about $3.00 for terms like "
Jaco Beach Bachelor Party , All Inclusive Bachelor Party Jaco Beach, Jaco VIP, Bachelor Party Packages Jaco Beach.." 

Main Competitor is : 

My Website - -  Glorified Landing page basically - 
My Funnel - -  Purpose just to get me Leads.. 

I have had the funnel up for 8 months and
Not got 1 lead... 

I think I just need to turn on Google Ads Now and test these sites...  then optimize and possibly build a simpler squeeze page to just capture emails.. thats all I really want is the persons email that is interested in a Bachelor Party in Jaco Beach and then I can start to sell them a Custom Package.. 

What I Can Offer You :   Initial hour or two of your Consultation Fee thru Funnel Rolodex to Get us Grounded and Going , a Copy of the Funnel, change it as you wish ,  I will pay for the Advertising, we will do a $75 a day test for a week and see what happens..  or feel free to develop your own simpler squeeze page to just capture Bachelor Party Leads for Jaco Beach ..
(also I will Create
Awesome Testimonials for your Services..) 

On average if I get 7 leads I will close 1 Group ..    

For Every 1 Group I Close - I will pay you a $100 Commission..
Thats about 20% what I am 
making on the group .. and when you take into consideration the ad costs, I think its a pretty fair offer... Also to take into consideration is that this is a Service Business so I literally have to Meet all these Groups and Check them in , which takes me at least a few hours and about 50 text messages on whats app ! Just so you see where I am coming from on the Commission..   That Can be Paid Direct thru Funnel Rolodex as a Commission and I will cover their 20% add fee.. so we will ask Lee to create a
$120 Affiliate Commission Link  ... 

I Have already closed 5 Groups this month as of Oct 10.. 2022..  
Total Paid in 
Advertising .. $0 .. 

I Believe if you know Paid Advertising, either Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Youtube Ads, You should be able to Close 10 Groups a month with me Pretty Easily ..  
That means you would just have to get me 70 leads.. on average.. 

Closed Group # 11 - 20 per Month - $150 per 

After 40 Closed Groups Together - I will Cover $1,000 Plane Ticket and Cover Your Stay for 5 Nights in Costa Rica.. With Tours ! 


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